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credit facility automation

We replace spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and traditional financial rails with a single platform that acts as a single source of truth, and automates operations and payments.

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Why Fence?

Fence reduces operational and financial cost while improving risk management and capital efficiency for capital providers and originators.

Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
  • Pre-deal assessment and onboarding:

    We digitize the credit agreement and integrate via API with required stakeholders.

  • Automated operations:

    We connect with the borrower backend and automate asset declaration & eligibility, borrowing base calculation, payments and reconciliations.

  • Automated cash management:

    Fence's automated bank accounts allow borrowers to execute instant drawdowns, and to enforce and automate timely waterfall payments.

  • Automated reporting, and real-time monitoring

    Our platform enables real-time covenant monitoring, and generates bespoke investor and regulatory reports

Value proposition

We work with any type of capital provider - whether you are a bank, a private credit fund, or any other type of financial institution, we can help

  • Win more and better deals

    Close deals faster, enable capital on-demand, and help borrowers save on upfront costs for more appealing terms

  • Improve risk management

    Access asset-level data in real time, get notified quicker of covenant breaches, ensure consequences are enforced

  • Streamline your back office

    Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone operations while ensuring smooth performance via notifications and code-enforced rules

  • Improve capital efficiency

    Avoid cash drag and maximize capital utilization with instant cash disbursements

We work with any company that needs to finance a portfolio of assets, from trade finance, to earned wage access, buy now pay later, supply chain finance, or revenue based financing.

  • Optimized capital efficiency

    Unlock on-demand capital with our automated cash management system. With a simple click, you can access daily funding requests, settled instantly. Plus, you can prepay your debts daily as your assets generate cash. Experience the financial freedom that's already saved our customers up to 30% in interest payments.

  • Effortless and errorless reporting

    Fence consolidates all facility-related information, and automatically generates all reporting needed by the capital provider. Our platform saves you time, makes sure you are compliant, and simplifies accounting and portfolio auditing. We will also notify you when there's a reporting deadline, so you can focus on your business.

  • Automated operations

    Avoid setting up an expensive back office to perform repetitive, error-prone operations. Our platform integrates with your backend via API, and automates real-time asset declaration, verification, borrowing base calculation, payments and reconciliations.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Our interactive dashboards and real-time covenant monitoring makes sure you have all the information regarding facility performance. That way, you can anticipate and tackle any compliance issues beforehand.


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