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Automate your
asset-backed debt facility management

We replace spreadsheets, PDFs, emails and traditional finance rails with a blockchain-based infrastructure to save you time and money when managing your debt.

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What is Fence?

Fence is a SaaS platform to automate debt facility operations like reporting and payments between lenders and borrowers.

Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
Fence dashboardFence dashboard
  • Programmable Debt Integration

    Integrate with your back-office via API for data transfer, capital requests, and more. Enhance capital efficiency with quick settlements.

  • Automated & Real-time Reporting

    Monitor credit agreements in real-time with up-to-date data and receive automated reports at your desired frequency through Fence's dashboard.

  • Automated Payment Operations

    Fence turns credit agreements into efficient smart contracts. Auto-calculate and execute waterfall steps according to the repayment schedule.

  • Robust Legal Setup

    Choose our legal setup or digitise your existing credit agreement. Fence manages term changes and execution, reducing time to first drawdown.


Capital providers include banks, credit funds, and other asset managers doing private debt

  • Win more and better deals

    Close deals faster, enable capital on-demand, and help borrowers save on upfront costs for more appealing terms

  • Enhanced Back-Office Efficiency

    Real-time, error-less reports that comply with back-office formats, specific alerts & notifications, and credit agreement enforced by codea

  • Efficient & Transparent Operations

    Automated evaluation of funding requests with pre-set rules and reduced cash drag for optimal capital utilization

  • Flexible and Reusable Facility

    Fence robustly manages term changes and covenant waivers. It simplifies multi-lender facilities and enables seamless secondary market transactions.

A company that needs to finance a portfolio of assets, from Trade Finance to car leasing companies, including loans from BNPL or Revenue Based Financing platforms.

  • Boosted Capital Efficiency

    Capital on-demand, daily funding requests settled in <24 hours, programmable debt via API, and maximized borrowing base.

  • Effortless and Errorless Reporting

    Automated monitoring of covenant & risk limits, time savings on report generation and dispatch, and simplified accounting and portfolio auditing.

  • Compliant & On-Time Payments

    Automated reconciliation and drawdown management ensure accurate payments. Waterfall calculation & transfer execution guarantee timeliness.

  • Lower Costs & Faster First Drawdown

    Reduce time to first drawdown from months to days, save on legal and third-party costs, and utilize industry-standard contracts for a smooth process.


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